My multi-disciplinary art practice curiously resides at the intersection between whimsical squiggles and crisp design.  It fuses the formal concerns of mid century modern design and architecture with the slumpy eclecticism of DIY craft culture.  My process is fuelled by my delight for exploring materials  and foraging for pattern, texture, and colour  — it leaves no rock, no-speck of glitter, no pom-pom, no pinch pot unturned.   These aesthetic influences trickle into all facets of my ceramic based practice.  Through clay, I record mish-mash mark making; I pinch, squeeze, and smooth surfaces into forms which tenuously masquerade as both functional and sculptural objects.  As an antidote to the vacant, mass produced products that inhabit our homes, my studio practice attempts to playfully reimagine alternative ways to activate our domestic spaces by reconsidering their surfaces, forms, and spatial features.  While design aesthetics formally guide my artistic decisions, the work relies on the visual language of contemporary art to express absurd and dreamy living spaces.